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Halloween is my favorite holiday, and I start spooky season, well…probably a little earlier than most people. Like, I’m writing this in August, okay? I sifted through a mountain of spooky podcasts to put together this top 5 list. If you’re ready to start spooky season, or just get a taste of that spooky life at any time of the year, these are for you.


Superbly written and acted, this multi-episode story updates the classic radio drama format, but with nods to modern twists on the old campfire tale. It focuses on the disappearance of a man’s father in what’s known as The Bridgewater Triangle, an area of southeastern Massachusetts rumored by some to be a place where weird stuff happens. For those of you who are Firefly fans, Nathan Fillion has a part here. From the producer of Lore.

Bridgewater podcast from Grim & Mild

Bonus: Season 3 of 13 Days of Halloween will premiere Oct 19…until then you can listen to the first 2 seasons.


You really can’t talk about the spooky podcast landscape without talking about KQED’s “Spooked.” Host Glynn Washington puts together superbly paced tales with beautiful production values and haunting music. This used to be a treat you could only get around Halloween, but the podcast has become a weekly event.

Spooked Podcast website

Campfire Radio Theater

A classic take on the episodic radio drama, this podcast takes you and its characters to haunted houses, lighthouses that are portals to dimensions we’re not sure we’re welcome in, and many more.

Campfire Radio Theater on Podbean

Not Another Spooky Podcast

I’ll admit it, I love this podcast. Host Mandy Spooks dives deep into why scary movies, supernatural TV shows, and other spooky pop-culture had such a big impact on her. As someone who couldn’t get enough spooky stuff as a kid, I can relate.

Not Another Spooky Podcast on Apple Podcasts

The Magnus Archive

An anthology series with a story arc to tie it together, The Magnus Archives puts a paranormal investigator in a demented file room. He has to sort it all out – and ends up digging into some chilling mysteries. Close in spirit to Archive 81, but with a few more laughs.

The Magnus Archive website